Elementary Basque-1
12000. This course will be an approach to the puzzling language and culture that defines Basque people. A challenge for those who dare to learn a language different from any they have ever heard. A journey to the wonderful land of the Basques, full of enigmas, strong traditions and peculiar customs that will be discovered through very dynamic activities, such as interactive presentations, brief dialogues, games…
The aim of the course is to introduce the students to the Basque language through the development of some basic written and conversational skills and through structural analysis. The instructor will propose real communicative situations that will encourage the students to learn the language for the purpose of visiting the Basque Country and being able to communicate in basic ways with Basque speakers. These are usually small classes where it is easy to get a lot of first-hand exposure to the language, and the instructor creates an enriching atmosphere full of entertaining activities and possibilities to hone all skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing - as well as gaining a good grasp of the structure of the language. Diana Palenzuela, Autumn.

Elementary Basque-2
12100. This course will be a continuation of Elementary Basque I, advancing the students’ knowledge of grammatical structure and their receptive, expressive, and conversational skills. The module uses a task-based approach to learning Basque. By means of this methodology, the accumulation of task cycles promotes the acquirement of communicative goals. We will work on different tasks on each lesson, and the progressive build-up of those tasks will cause the gradual improvement of the students’ communicative skills and overall fluency.
By the end of the quarter the student should be able to produce grammatically accurate short texts in Basque, interact with speakers of Basque at a basic level while employing a variety of complex cases and tenses, understand a range of basic written and oral texts in Basque, and understand a range of cases and the differences between them. This is achieved by creating a motivating atmosphere where all the students want to take part in the activities, while the teacher guides them during their learning process, providing them with the vocabulary and grammar they need to reach these goals. Diana Palenzuela, Winter.

Elementary Basque-3
12200. A continuation of Elementary Basque II, with more emphasis in reading/writing and conversation. To consolidate linguistic competence in Basque and expand knowledge of specific areas of grammar. Emphasis will be placed on oral and written competence. Teamwork and personal input will be essential aspects of this module. We will work on practical objectives and will enact real-life situations in groups. Our final aim will be to achieve a relevant and useful command of the Basque language. As in the previous levels, most activities will be very dynamic and interactive. Diana Palenzuela, Spring.