James D. McCawley C.V.


University of Chicago, 1954-59 and 1960-61 (M.S., mathematics, 1958)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1961-64 (Ph. D., linguistics, 1965; thesis topic:

The accentual system of modern standard Japanese)

Courses at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität (Münster) 1959-60; University of Texas, summer 1961 (Linguistic Institute); Seton Hall University, summer 1963 (Intensive Japanese) 



Assistant professor of linguistics, University of Chicago, 9/64-9/69

Associate professor of linguistics, University of Chicago, 9/69-9/70

Professor of linguistics, University of Chicago, 9/70 to present

Currently Andrew MacLeish Distinguished Service Professor of Linguistics and of East Asian Languages and Civilizations



Translator of Russian mathematical books, University of Chicago, 5-9/59, 8/60-1/61, 6-8/61.

Research assistant, Mechanical translation group, MIT, 1-7/62, 2-6/63.

Teaching assistant, German, MIT, 9/62-1/63.

Research linguist, IBM Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights NY, 6-9/64.

Research linguist, Workshop on mathematical models in linguistics, MIT, 6-8/65.

Research linguist, Tokyo Center for Advanced Studies in Language, 6-9/67.

Visiting assistant professor, University of Illinois (Linguistic Institute), 6-8/68.

Visiting lecturer, Scandinavian Summer School of Linguistics, 8/69.

Thord-Gray visiting lecturer, University of Göteborg, 9-12/69.

Visiting associate professor of lingusitics, University of Michigan, 1-4/70.

Lecturer, Fifth International Seminar on Theoretical Linguistics, Tokyo, 8/70.

Visiting associate professor of linguistics, University of California at Santa Cruz, 6-8/71.

Visiting fellow, Australian National University (Canberra), 6-8/73.

Visiting professor of linguistics, University of Hawaii (Linguistic Institute), 7-8/77.

Visiting professor of philosophy (half time), University of Illinois at Chicago, 1-3/78.

Visiting professor of linguistics, University of New Mexico (Linguistic Institute), 6-8/80.

Visiting fellow, Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages (Hyderabad, India), 7-8/80

Visiting professor of Linguistics, University of Maryland (Linguistic Institute), 7-8/82.

Visiting professor of linguistics, Georgetown University (Linguistic Institute), 6-8/85.

Visiting professor of Linguistics, Institute on Transformational-Generative Grammar, University of Delhi, 8-9/85.

Visiting professor of Linguistics, Guangzhou Institute of Foreign Languages, 9/87.

Visiting professor of Linguistics, University of Arizona (Linguistic Institute), 6-8/89.

Visiting professor of Linguistics, National Tsing Hua University (Hsinchu, Taiwan), 2-6/94.



Linguistic Society of America: member of Nominating Committee (Jan 74 to Dec 76; Chairman 76), member of Executive Committee (Jan 78-Dec 80); Vice-President (1995); President (1996)

Associate editor, Language, Jan 69 to Dec 72, and Jan 88 to Dec 90.

Associate editor, Linguistic Inquiry, Jan 70 to Dec 75.

Consulting editor, Foundations of Language, Jan 74 to Dec 76.

Consulting editor, Studies in Language, Jan 77 to Dec 80.

Associate editor, Australian Journal of Linguistics, Jan 81 to present.

Consulting editor, Quaderni di Semantica, Jan 81 to Dec 85.

Associate editor, Journal of Semantics, Jan 82 to present.

Associate editor, Papers in Japanese Linguistics, Jan 72 to present.

Consulting editor, Linguistics, July 79 to Dec. 92.

Member, editorial board, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, Jan 83 to Dec 86.

Member, consejo asesor, Revista Argentina de Lingüística, Oct 85 to present.

Member, consultation board, International Pragmatics Assn., Jan. 86 to present.

Member, advisory board, Reason Foundation, Jan. 79 to Dec. 84.

Member, Committee of Scholars, Agorist Institute, Jan 87 to present

Member, editorial board, Journal of East Asian Linguistics, Jan 91 to present



Libertarian Party candidate for Trustee of University of Illinois, 1976 (received 17,542 votes), 1978 (35,000+ votes), 1980 (59,994 votes)

American Academy of Arts and Sciences, fellow, May 1983 to present.

Dedicatee of Zwicky, Salus, Binnick, and Vanek (eds.), Studies out in left field: defamatory essays presented to James D. McCawley on the occasion of his 33rd or 34th birthday (Edmonton: Linguistic Research, 1971; reprinted 1992, Amsterdam and Philadelphia: Benjamins), and of Brentari, Larson, and MacLeod (eds.), The Joy of Grammar (Amsterdam and Philadelphia: Benjamins, 1992)

Honorary Ph. D., University of Göteborg, Oct. 5, 1991




(some titles altered in interests of clarity)

Introduction to linguistics (Win 65, Aut 66)

Introduction to linguistics, advanced version (Aut 64, 65, 66, 67)

Syntax I (Win 68, Aut 72, 73, 75, 76, 79, 80, 81, Sum 82, 85, Aut 88, 89, 93, 94)

Syntax II (Spr 68, 69, 71, Win 75, 79, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 91, 92, 93, 96)

English syntax (Spr 65, 66, 67, Aut 69, Spr 94)

Topics in syntax and semantics (Spr 69)

Topics in the history of syntax (Spr 68, 69, Aut 70)

Syntax practicum (Aut 71, Win 73, 78)

Topics in syntax (Win 76, Aut 86, Win 89, Spr 93)

Notions of syntactic structure (Spr 85, 92, Aut 95)

Seminar in syntax (Aut 85, 86)

Syntactic categories (Aut 81, Spr 96)

Courses on specific topics in syntax: relative clauses and coordination (Win 82), Adverbs and complements (Spr 82), Negation and comparatives (Aut 82), Anaphora (Aut 83), Nondeclarative sentences (Aut 84), Negation (Win 90)

Lexicalism and interpretive semantics (Spr 72, Win 74, Spr 76, 78)

Montague grammar (Spr 79, 81, Win 83)

Otto Jespersen (Spr 80, 91)

Cognitive grammar (Spr 83)

Semantics (Spr 67, Win 70, Sum 80)

Seminar in semantics and pragmatics (Aut 85, 86, Win 86, 87)

Linguistic logic (Spr 73, 74, Sum 74, spr 75, 76, 77, Sum 77, Aut 78, 79, win 80, 81, Aut 82, 83, 84, 87, Win 89, 90, Aut 91, 92, Spr 94, Win 95)

Topics in linguistic logic (Aut 75, 77, Spr 82, 88, aut 90, 95)

Philosophy of language (Win 78)

Tense and aspect (Win 80, 85, 91)

Discourse structure (Win 79, 81, Spr 84, Win 87)

Syntax and semantics of conditional constructions (Spr 89)

Speech acts (Spr 95)

The lexicon and grammar (Win 71, 72, Aut 73, Win 77, Spr 80, Sum 80, Spr 83)

Lexical semantics (Win 88)

Practical lexicography (Aut 74)

Seminar on idioms (Aut 72)

Generative phonology (Win 65, 66, 67, Aut 67, 68, 60, Spr 73, 75)

Accentology (Spr 65, Sum 68, win 69, 70, 73, Spr 79)

Topics in the history of phonology (Aut 65, 68)

Topics in phonology (Win 74)

English phonology (Aut 71, 76)

Phonology practicum (Aut 77)

Structure of Japanese (Win 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, Spr 71, Win 72)

Japanese syntax (Sum 71, win 84, aut 89, 91, spr 95)

Topics in Japanese syntax (Aut 90, Win 96)

Seminar in Japanese syntax (Win 92)

Japanese phonology (Win 75, Spr 86, Aut 93)

History of the Japanese language (Spr 74, 77)

English-Japanese comparative vocabulary (Win 76, Sum 77, Spr 93) 

Chinese syntax (Aut 85, Spr 87, 90, Aut 92, Aut 94)

Topics in Chinese syntax (Spr 88)

Seminar in Chinese syntax (Aut 88, Spr 91)

Tone in Bantu languages (Win 71, Spr 72)

Structure of Dutch (Win 77)

Seminar on Finno-Ugric linguistics (Win 67)

Seminar on Spanish syntax (Win 93) 

Linguistics and the philosophy of science (Spr 78, Win 81, Spr 84, 86, 89, 92, Win 95)

Justification of linguistic units (Aut 78, Spr 81, Sum 82, Spr 85)

Mathematical models in linguistics (Aut 64, Spr 66, Win 68, Aut 74, Win 78)

Writing systems (Aut 87)



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