Colloquia 2011-2012


October 6: Zoe Gavriilidou, Democritus University of Thrace
General aspects of intensity in Modern Greek

October 27: Alda Mari, Institut Jean Nicod, CNRS/ENS/EHESS
Reciprocity and asymmetry

November 3: Geoffrey Nunberg, University of California, Berkeley
On having a word for it
Special location: Franke Institute for the Humanities
This talk is sponsored by the Franke Institute for the Humanities and the Department of Linguistics.

November 10: Rick Nouwen, UiL-OTS/Utrecht University
Numerical quantifiers, ignorance and free choice


January 12: José Ignacio Hualde, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Morphological domains in sound change, with special attention to Judeo-Spanish

February 2: Jerry Sadock, University of Chicago
A Dictionary for a Polysynthetic Language

February 16: Molly Babel, University of British Columbia
Social constraints on spontaneous phonetic imitation

March 8: Caterina Donati, Sapienza Università di Roma
Labels and movement: Deriving the strong islandhood of relativization


April 2: Ellen Bialystok, York University
Please note change in place and time: April 2 (Monday), 3-5pm, place TBA.

April 12: Sarah Murray, Cornell University
Evidentiality and Varieties of Update

April 26: Monica Macaulay, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Autofocus with Eneq in Menominee

May 3: Itamar Francez, University of Chicago
Semantic variation and the grammar of property concepts

May 10: Yoshihisa Kitagawa, Indiana University
It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Split

May 17: Unn Røyneland, University of Oslo and University of Chicago
Hip-Hop youth and the (re)negotion of language and identity in Norway

May 31: Amanda Seidl, Purdue University
Infants learning of phonological status