Colloquia 2014-2015


October 9, 3:30-5pm

Crit Cremers, Leiden University
Meaning denies structure, so grammar is incomplete
Harper 140

December 4, 3:30-5pm

Alda Mari, Institut Jean Nicod, CNRS/ENS/EHESS
Actuality entailments: broadening the space of possibilities
Harper 140


January 22, 3:30-5pm

Maria Polinsky, Harvard University
Subject/object symmetry and its consequences: Niuean
Rosenwald 405


April 16, 3:30-5pm

Alexis Wellwood, Northwestern University
Measurement in grammar
Pick 016

May 7, 3:30-5pm

Philippe Schlenker, Institute Jean-Nicod and New York University
Logic and Iconicity: the case of Sign Language Loci
First floor Forum, Neubauer Building, 5701 S Woodlawn

May 21, 3:30-5pm

Kyle Johnson, Universityof Massachusetts, Amherst
QR is NP movement
Pick 016

June 4, 3:30-5pm

Ruth Kramer, Georgetown University
The Morphosyntax of Gender and Number: Converging and Crossing
Pick 016