Lopes Colloquium

January 30
Harper 130
University of Campinas
Null objects and VP-ellipsis in Brazilian Portuguese

Brazilian Portuguese (BP) is known to license anaphoric null objects (ANO), that is, null objects with a linguistic antecedent. It also licenses VP ellipsis (VPE), with auxiliaries, modals and main verbs, the latter a case of V-stranding VPE (V-VPE), the one with which we will be concerned. Although, ANOs and V-VPE may have identical surface strings in BP, we propose that they do not have the same structure. To achieve that we examine the properties of the ANOs and compare them to V-VPE, arguing the first are cases of DP ellipsis. We also propose that ANOs and V-VPE are licensed by a lexicalized aspectual head, as a consequence of the loss of generalized verb movement in the language.