Smirnova colloquium

November 6
Harper 140
University of Michigan
Evidentiality in Bulgarian: theoretical and experimental investigations

The question whether evidentiality, traditionally defined as a marker of information source, should receive a semantic or a pragmatic explanation has generated a good amount of discussion in the recent semantic literature (Izvorski 1997, Faller 2002, Murray 2010, Lee 2013, AnderBois 2014). In this talk I discuss evidentiality in Bulgarian and propose a modal semantic analysis of the Bulgarian evidential operator. The analysis is based on novel evidence, including modal subordination effects and the temporal contribution of the evidential. The proposed compositional analysis captures how the information source, the temporal and the modal components interact. I also present the results of a recent experimental study that extends the proposed analysis and contributes to the discussion of the status of evidentiality in language and cognition.