WhenOctober 20, 2017 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
WhereRosenwald Hall, Room 208
Contact InformationLinguistics Department
DescriptionGabriel Martínez Vera (University of Connecticut), On the Spanish left periphery: double complementizer constructions and phase-over-phase configurations

In this presentation, I address the structure of the Spanish left periphery contrasting Latin American Spanish (LAS) and European Spanish (ES) with regard to recomplementation (double-complementizer constructions). In both ES and LAS, there is a construction in which there is a prosodic boundary following a left dislocate, which contrasts with a similar construction in which no prosodic boundary is present. I show that sentences with these structures differ regarding reconstruction effects (bound variable, anaphor binding and scope) and the (im)possibility of having overt negation. I further link the differences in the constructions to the height of verb movement and adverb placement in LAS and ES. The proposal is two-fold. I first make a syntactic proposal in terms of phases. I then address how the syntactic structures of recomplementation are mapped into prosody. The proposal makes explicit how there are prosodic counterparts of syntactic structures.
CategoriesConferences/Lectures, Lectures, Workshops
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