WhenMay 04, 2018 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
WhereRosenwald Hall, Room 301
Contact InformationLinguistics Department
DescriptionDennis Ott (University of Ottawa)

Sluicing = wh-movement + TP-ellipsis?

Since Merchant’s (2001) seminal work, it has generally been accepted in the literature that sluicing—clausal ellipsis in an interrogative clause—is derived by a combination of movement of the remnant(s) of ellipsis and subsequent PF-deletion of IP/TP, licensed by specifications of a higher head. This assumption has given rise to a plethora of analyses that attempt to make sluicing and related phenomena in various languages fit this schema, by postulating exceptional evacuation movements that feed TP-deletion. In this presentation, I ask a simple question: is sluicing in fact TP-deletion? I review several facts that cast doubt on this view of sluicing, and suggest that sluicing—like clausal ellipsis generally—should instead be construed as deletion of a pragmatically defined domain.
CategoriesConferences/Lectures, Workshops
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