Natalia Bermúdez

Postdoctoral Fellow, Instructor in Linguistics
Rosenwald 224A
(773) 702-8522

I am broadly interested in documentation and description of grammatical, historical, and typological aspects of indigenous languages of Latin America and the Caribbean. My work combines empirical, humanistic, and anthropological approaches to analyze how individual speakers and groups creatively manipulate and play with language(s) (“verbal art”) for a range of sociolinguistic purposes, and how this relates to linguistic theory including the notion of iconicity. I advocate for deep ethnography and grassroots collaboration to produce natively-structured and authored descriptive collections of language and culture, and theorize about what these historically underrepresented genres mean for the frameworks of documentary linguistics and pragmatics.

My collaboration with the Naso (Chibchan, Panama) has resulted in a five-volume Naso Cultural Encyclopedia written by Nasos for community and educational uses.