Other Linguists on Campus

Helma Dik
Associate Professor. Classics. 
E-mail: h-dik@uchicago.edu

Senior Lecturer in French. Director of Language Programs in Romance Languages and Literatures.

Petra Goedegebuure
Associate Professor of Hittitology. Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations.
E-mail: pgoedegebuure@uchicago.edu

Susan Goldin-Meadow
Beardsley Ruml Distinguished Service Professor. Psychology and Human Development.
E-mail: s-goldin-meadow@uchicago.edu

Rebecca Hasselbach
Associate Professor of Comparative Semitics. Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. 
E-mail: hasselb@uchicago.edu

Boaz Keysar
Professor. Psychology.
E-mail: boaz@uchicago.edu

Karen Livescu
Associate Professor. Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago.
Email: klivescu@uchicago.edu

John A. Lucy
William Benton Professor. Comparative Human Development and Psychology. 
E-mail: jlucy@uchicago.edu

Marko Malink
Assistant Professor. Philosophy.

David McAllester
Professor and Chief Academic Officer. Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago. 
E-mail: mcallester@tti-c.org

Howard Nusbaum
Professor. Psychology. 
E-mail: h-nusbaum@uchicago.edu

Josef Stern
William H. Colvin Professor of Philosophy Emeritus.
E-mail: j06s@uchicago.edu

Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Spanish Language Coordinator. Romance Languages and Literatures.
Senior Lecturer in Italian and Italian Language Coordinator. Romance Languages and Literatures.

Malte Willer 
Associate Professor. Philosophy.

Christopher Woods
John A. Wilson Professor of Sumerian. Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations. Director of the Oriental Institute.
E-mail: woods@uchicago.edu

Amanda Woodward
William S. Gray Professor of Psychology. Dean of the Division of Social Sciences.