Other Linguists on Campus

Helma Dik
Associate Professor. Classics 
E-mail: h-dik@uchicago.edu

Senior Lecturer in French; Director of Language Programs in Romance Languages and Literatures

Petra Goedegebuure
Assistant Professor of Hittitology. Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
E-mail: pgoedegebuure@uchicago.edu

Susan Goldin-Meadow
Beardsley Ruml Distinguished Service Professor. Psychology and Human Development
E-mail: s-goldin-meadow@uchicago.edu

Rebecca Hasselbach
Associate Professor of Comparative Semitics. Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations 
E-mail: hasselb@uchicago.edu

Boaz Keysar
Professor. Psychology
E-mail: boaz@uchicago.edu

Karen Livescu
Assistant Professor. Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago
Email: klivescu@uchicago.edu

John A. Lucy
William Benton Professor. Comparative Human Development and Psychology 
E-mail: jlucy@uchicago.edu

Marko Malink
Assistant Professor. Philosophy

David McAllester
Professor and Chief Academic Officer. Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago 
E-mail: mcallester@tti-c.org

Howard Nusbaum
Professor. Psychology 
E-mail: h-nusbaum@uchicago.edu

Josef Stern
Professor, Philosophy
E-mail: j06s@uchicago.edu

Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Spanish Language Coordinator; Romance Languages and Literatures
Senior Lecturer in Italian and Italian Language Coordinator; Romance Languages and Literatures

Malte Willer 
Assistant Professor. Philosophy

Christopher Woods
Associate Professor of Sumerian. Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations 
E-mail: woods@uchicago.edu

Amanda Woodward
Professor. Psychology