Yenan Sun

Student Photo
Cohort Year: 2016
Research Interests: Semantics, Pragmatics, Syntax

I am a PhD candidate in Linguistics who mainly work on semantics, pragmatics, and syntax-semantics interface. I am particularly interested in temporal semantics (tense, aspect), degree semantics (gradable adjectives, equatives), and the multidimensional character of meaning (focus, at-issueness, implicatures, projectivity). My dissertation investigates a class of apparently heterogeneous incompleteness phenomena (i.e. the inability of a clause to stand alone as an independent utterance) in Mandarin Chinese and aims for a uniform analysis based on how different anchoring devices (aspectual marking, degree marking, focus) affect what content is at-issue for a sentence. Other topics I have been working on include focus constructions in East Asian languages, equation constructions, and adjectival reduplication in Chinese.