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About the Department of Linguistics:

Founded in the mid-1930's, the Department of Linguistics at the University of Chicago is the oldest linguistics department in the United States.

We are theory-oriented with a deep empirical interest in languages. One of the outstanding characteristics of this department is our commitment to a wide range of approaches to the study of language. Interdisciplinary, interdepartmental study is encouraged, and students regularly work with faculty in several other departments.

Graduate students are expected to become active researchers as soon as possible after their arrival here. Many students come with strong undergraduate training in linguistics, or with a Master's degree; others come with strong training in fields such as philosophy, mathematics, or a particular language or language group.

The faculty are involved in synchronic and diachronic research on languages from around the world. These varied interests are reflected in the range of topics of the dissertations that have been written in the Department.



Congrats to the robust Chicago contingent that presented at NELS at Cornell!

Do-support as spell-out of split head chains
Karlos Arregi and Asia Pietraszko

On Parallel Copying: Evidence from Cantonese
Jackie Y.-K. Lai

Computing implicatures under QUDs
Eszter Ronai and Ming Xiang

Syntactic identity in clausal ellipsis: evidence from P-stranding effects in Spanish
Laura Stigliano

Two positions of RED in Chinese adjectival compound formation
Yenan Sun and Jackie Y.-K. Lai

Possessed bare superlatives make reference to individual concepts
Michael Tabatowski

Lexical case an an Anaphor Agreement Effect: The view from Inuktitut

Michelle Yuan


Lenore Grenoble has been awarded a Guggenheim fellowship for the project, Living the Good Life? Language Vitality, Urbanization, and Well-Being in the Arctic. Congratulations, Lenore!