Graduate Students

Student NameArea of StudyEmail
Abrego-Collier, CarissaPhonetics, phonology,
Aparicio, HelenaFormal semantics and its
Burkholder, RossSyntax, language contact, and historical
Cisneros, CarlosSyntax-semantics interface and
Edmiston, DanielMathematical linguistics, syntax and
Ermolaeva, MarinaComputational linguistics, syntax, morphology; Turkic
Ershova, KseniaSyntax, morphosyntax, syntax-semantics interface, languages of the
Falk, JoshuaComputational/formal phonology, sign languages, poetic
Flinn, GallagherSlavic language syntax relating to questions of ellipsis and
Franich, KatiePhonology, and specifically in the areas of tone and language
Geiger, JeffreyPragmatics and its interfaces,
Grinsell, TimSemantics, pragmatics, and philosophy of
Grove, JulianSyntax and
Hakguder, EmreSyntax, syntax-semantics-prosody interface, quantification, Turkish Sign
Hanink, EmilySyntax and its interfaces,
Hebert, ZacharyPhonological theory, prosodic morphology, la francophonie, globalization, sociocultural and linguistic evolution and vitality, African linguistics, Tunica, Haitian
Horton, LauraLanguage emergence, sign language linguistics, language development and
Kantarovich, JessicaLanguage change; language contact, endangerment, and shift; language documentation
Kim, YoolimKorean linguistics, child language acquisition, and child-directed
Lai, JackieSyntax, semantics, Chinese dialects, and East Asian languages
Lee, JacksonComputational and experimental morphology and phonology; nominal syntax and
Lewis, RobertMorphosyntax, Algonquian languages (Potawatomi), and
McMahan, HilaryAnthropological linguistics, space & place, indigenous languages of North America and the
Meyer, CherryPragmatics, cognitive linguistics, and Ojibwe
Montemurro, KathrynSign languages, language emergence, language
Munoz, PatrickSemantics, pragmatics, and philosophy of
Pavlou, NataliaSyntax, psycholinguistics, and Greek
Pham, MikeMorphology and its interfaces, classifiers, compounding, Vietnamese & SE Asian languages,
Phillips, JacobPhonetics, phonology, sociophonetics, Munda
Pietraszko, JoannaSyntax, morphology; Slavic,
Pillion, BetsyPhonology, tonal phonology, fieldwork, sociophonetics, Bantu
Rhodes, BrandonSyntax and
Ronai, EszterSyntax, semantics,
Sankhagowit, AmaraPhonology, phonetics,
Singerman, AdamIndigenous languages of the Americas, language contact,
Stigliano, LauraSyntax, semantics, syntax-semantics
Sun, YenanSyntax, semantics,
Tabatowski, MichaelSemantics, philosophy of language,
Truong, TranSyntax, (distributed) morphology,
Vardomskaya, TamaraSemantics, philosophy of language, morphology-syntax-semantics
Weaver, Christina Fieldwork on undocumented languages, phonetics,
Xherija, OrestComputational linguistics, semantics
Zhang, AnqiSemantics, syntax, syntax-semantics interface, Greek linguistics, and Chinese

Dissertations in Progress

NameDissertation Title
Carissa Abrego-CollierSound System Dynamics in Individuals Using the SCOTUS Speech Corpus
Helena Aparicio TerrasaThe Psycholinguistics of Imprecision Calculation
Ross BurkholderDetermining the Role of Contextual Constraints in Computer-mediated Discourse
Carlos CisnerosDeconstructing Indeterminacy
Joshua FalkComplementarity and Opacity in Phonology
Gallagher FlinnGeorgian Inversion
Katie FranichThe Interaction of Accent, Rhythmic Structure, and Tone in Medʉmba
Timothy GrinsellSemantic Indecision
Julian GroveSum Concepts: Genericity, Kinds, and the Morpho-semantics of Viewpoint Aspect
Emily HaninkThe morphosyntax of equation
Laura HortonConventionalization of Shared Homesign Systems in Guatemala: Lexical & Morpho-phonological Dimensions
Jackson LeeMorphological Paradigms: Computational Structure and Unsupervised Learning
Cherry MeyerGender and Classifiers in Ojibwe (Algonquian)
Natalia PavlouClausal Morphosyntax in Cypriot Greek
Mike PhamMorphogenesis: decomposing form and meaning
Joanna PietraszkoThe structure of complex verbal expressions in Ndebele
Diane RakPolysemy and homonymy in the L2: Non-native processing of lexical semantic ambiguity
Adam SingermanErgativity and accusativity in Tupari
Tamara VardomskayaSubjectivity and Shared Evidence
Christina WeaverEmphasis in Turoyo
Anqi ZhangOn Non-culminating Accomplishment