Jerry Sadock

Glen A. Lloyd Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus. Department of Linguistics.
Rosenwald 205G
(773) 702-8526

I was a Fulbright lecturer in Israel (1968-9) and began teaching at the University of Chicago in 1969, where, except for temporary stints at OSU the University of Vienna, and the Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences in Stanford, CA I have been happily employed ever since.

For the first fifteen years of my career I worked mostly one the semantics-pragmatics interface and since then I have broadened my view to include morphology and syntax as well. My interest in morphology stems mostly from the fortuitous appearance at the University of Chicago of a student from Greenland, Carl Christian Olsen (Puju), from whom I have developed a career-long interest in Inuit grammar and a love and admiration for the incredible people of Greenland among whom I have several dear friends.

I have also been studying, thinking about and writing about Yidish since I was fourteen years old.

This is my last year of regular teaching, and I will miss it.

Recent Publications 
  • "Read at Your Own Risk: Syntactic and Semantic Horrors You Can Find in Your Medicine Chest", Papers from the Tenth Regional Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society: 599-607, 1975.
  • "Ambiguity Tests and How to Fail Them", with Arnold M. Zwicky, in J. Kimball, ed., Syntax and Semantics Volume 4, Academic Press, 1975.
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  • A Grammar of Kalaallisut (West Greenlandic Inuttut). Munich: Lincom Europa., 2003.
  • BS in Chemistry, University of Illinois, 1965
  • MA in Linguistics, University of Illinois, 1966
  • PhD in Linguistics, University of Illinois, 1969