Graduate Students

Student NameArea of StudyEmail
Burkholder, RossSyntax, language contact, and historical
Cisneros, CarlosSyntax-semantics interface and
Connor, Janet ElizabethLinguistic anthropology, language contact,
Edmiston, DanielComputational linguistics, natural language processing,
Eren, ÖmerSyntax-morphology interface and
Ermolaeva, MarinaComputational linguistics, syntax, morphology; Turkic
Falk, JoshuaComputational/formal phonology, sign languages, poetic
Flinn, GallagherSlavic language syntax relating to questions of ellipsis and
Geiger, JeffreyPragmatics and its interfaces,
Giannoula, Mina Syntax, Semantics, Morphology, Computational
Gray, SamPsycholinguistics, computational linguistics, and the morphology-phonology
Hakguder, EmreSyntax, syntax-semantics-prosody interface, quantification, Turkish Sign
Ingebretson, BrittaLinguistic anthropology, sociolinguistics, language politics in
Kantarovich, JessicaLanguage change; language contact; morphosyntax; languages of Siberia; heritage languages; language
Kasper, Corinne
Kim, SangheePsycholinguistics, semantics,
Kurtz, Naomi
Lai, Yan Ki (Jackie)Syntax, morphology, and the syntax-semantics
Lam, Chi Dat (Daniel)Evolutionary linguistics and creole
Lee, JacksonComputational and experimental morphology and phonology; nominal syntax and
Lewis, RobertMorphosyntax, Algonquian languages (Potawatomi), and
Martinez del Rio, AuroraSign languages,
McElgunn, HannahSociocultural dimensions of language documentation and revitalization; the relationship between linguistic structure and cultural concepts; discourse analysis;
McMahan, HilaryArctic and American indigenous languages, language change, language contact, anthropological linguistics,
Meyer, CherryOjibwe (Algonquian) and noun
Montemurro, KathrynSign language linguistics, language emergence, language
Phillips, JacobPhonetics, phonology, sociophonetics, Munda
Pillion, BetsyPhonology, tonal phonology, fieldwork, sociophonetics, Bantu
Rhodes, BrandonSyntax and
Ronai, EszterSyntax, semantics,
Smith, Emily
Stigliano, LauraSyntax and its interfaces, experimental
Sun, YenanSyntax, semantics,
Tabatowski, MichaelSemantics, philosophy of language,
Truong, Tran (Distributed) Morphology, person/number/gender, Mayan,
Xherija, OrestNatural language


Dissertations in Progress

NameDissertation Title
Burkholder, RossDetermining the Role of Contextual Constraints in Computer-mediated Discourse
Cisneros, CarlosDeconstructing Indeterminacy
Falk, JoshuaComplementarity and Opacity in Phonology
Flinn, GallagherGeorgian Inversion
Geiger, JeffreyResolution in context: nonidentity in anaphora interpretation
Ingebretson, BrittaCurating Value: The Politics of Language and Leisure in Huangshan, China
Lai, Yan Ki (Jackie)Word order, VP structure, and the complement-adjunct distinction in Mandarin Chinese
Lee, JacksonMorphological Paradigms: Computational Structure and Unsupervised Learning
Lewis, RobertPotawatomi Discourse Markers
McMahan, HilaryThe effects of urbanization and migration on spatial deixis: A study of Kalaallisut demonstratives in Nuuk and Copenhagen
Meyer, CherryGender and Classifiers in Ojibwe (Algonquian)
Montemurro, KathrynSign language spatial modulation across sociohiohistorical contexts
Phillips, JacobDynamics of sibilant convergence and change
Pillion, BetsyProperties of nonphonemic clicks
Rak,DianePolysemy and homonymy in the L2: Non-native processing of lexical semantic ambiguity