Sapir Scholars

The Sapir Scholars Program pairs undergraduate students with advanced graduate students in the department who will mentor and supervise them as they serve as research assistants (to the graduate students’ own research projects). We anticipate funding at least four projects this quarter; the undergraduate student receives a stipend of $500 for the quarter. The graduate student gets help with his or her research, and experience as an official undergraduate mentor and supervisor.

To that end, we invite applications for the autumn quarter immediately: please send a brief (300-500 word) description of the project. Please be sure to include the student’s role in the research, an estimate of how much time will be involved for the undergraduate (no more than 5 hours/week) and your involvement in mentoring.  Also, bear in mind that if your project is accepted your description will be posted as part of the call for applications to the undergraduate list: please make the descriptions accessible to undergraduate students. Each project must also have faculty oversight, so include the name of the faculty advisor for your project in your email.

Graduate students who have worked with a Sapir Scholar in the past may apply again, though the committee may give preference to applications from graduate students who have not previously been selected. If you are currently working with a Sapir Scholar and would like to continue working with that individual, please indicate that in your email.

Once we have the list of accepted projects, we will ask undergraduate students to apply to work on a specific project. In choosing a student to work with you, keep in mind that appointment as a Sapir Scholar is generally a recognition for our more advanced majors (third or fourth year in the College); students who are only minoring in Linguistics or who have had only one or two courses so far should be chosen only if they have other qualifications that make them particularly well suited to your project. We hope to have the Sapir Scholars in place and working on your projects by the start of the second week of autumn quarter at the latest.


The application deadline for applicants interested in submitting a project to the Sapir Scholars Program in Winter 2023 is Friday, December 16th.


A notification will be sent to the Linguistics PhD listserv once the application is available.