The Major Program

The BA in Linguistics requires thirteen courses, which fall into two categories: courses that provide expertise in linguistics and courses that ensure breadth of study in a non Indo-European language. Students have flexibility to construct a course of study that accords with their interests, but their final tally of thirteen courses must include the following:

  • Introduction to Linguistics (20001)
  • Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology (20101)
  • Introduction to Syntax (20201)
  • Introduction to Semantics & Pragmatics (20301)
  • Study of a non Indo-European language. This may be satisfied in the following ways:
    • 3 quarters of a non Indo-European language
    • 1 quarter of “structure of language x” taught by a member of the linguistics faculty or a similar course approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies
    • examination credit based on a university placement exam
    • completion of an approved intensive language program

Students who fulfill the non Indo-European language requirement with fewer than three quarters of study must substitute elective courses offered in linguistics for the language course quarters not taken. At least six electives for the major must be courses offered by the Linguistics Department (i.e. course whose numbers begin with LING). For any further electives, a student may petition the department to substitute a related course in another department.

Summary of Requirements

  • 1 LING 20001 (introductory course)
  • 3 LING 20101, 20201, and 20301 (core courses)
  • 0-3 Courses in a non Indo-European language*
  • 6-9 Linguistics electives**
  • 13 

*Credit may be granted by examination. When any part of the language requirement is met by examination, the equivalent number of electives in linguistics must be substituted for quarter credit granted. With prior approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies, such electives may be taken in other departments. 
** A minimum of 6 must be courses with LING numbers.

Grading: All courses used to satisfy requirements for the major and minor must be taken for quality grades.  With consent of the instructor, nonmajors may take linguistics courses for P/F grading.

In summary, the Linguistics major consists of the following courses: LING 20001, 20101, 20201, 20301, 0 to 3 non Indo-European language courses, and between 6 and 9 elective courses (of which 6 must be LING courses).