The Minor Program

Students in other fields of study may complete a minor in Linguistics. The minor in Linguistics requires a total of seven courses, which must include:

  • Introduction to Linguistics (20001)
  • Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology (20101)
  • Introduction to Syntax (20201)
  • Introduction to Semantics & Pragmatics (20301)

Students who elect the minor program in Linguistics must declare their intention to complete the minor before the end of Spring Quarter of their third year. Declaring the minor is done by filling out the Minor consent form, obtaining a signature from the department’s Director of Undergraduate Studies, and submitting the signed form to the student’s college advisor. 

Courses in the minor (1) may not be double counted with the student's major(s) or with other minors and (2) may not be counted toward general education requirements. Courses in the minor must be taken for quality grades (not P/F), and more than half of the requirements for the minor must be met by registering for courses bearing University of Chicago course numbers.