Sapir Scholars

The Sapir Scholars Program pairs undergraduate students with advanced graduate students in the Linguistics Department who will mentor and supervise them as they serve as research assistants to the graduate students’ own research projects. The undergraduate student receives a stipend of $500 for the quarter, paid in two parts: one payment of $250 when you begin working with your graduate student mentor, and a second payment of the same amount at the end of the quarter. The graduate student gets help with his or her research, and experience as an official undergraduate mentor and supervisor.

Appointment as a Sapir Scholar is generally a recognition for our more advanced majors (third or fourth year in the College); students who are only minoring in Linguistics or who have had only one or two courses so far will be chosen only if they have other qualifications that make them particularly well suited to a project.

The application deadline for applicants interested in being a Sapir Scholar in Autumn 2023 will be announced soon. Please check back here and look out for detailed updates from the lingundergrads listserv.