In addition to the Linguistics course offerings, various other Departments at the University provide languages courses.

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Please Note: Due to the new canonical schedule, some classes may be shorter than they are scheduled for with the Registrar. Please contact the instructor for more information. 

Autumn Quarter 2020

 LING 20001  Introduction to Linguistics Andrew Murphy 4:10-5:30 MW
LING 20101 Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology Jacob Phillips 4:10-5:30 MW
 LING 20102  Elementary Logic Ginger Schultheis 9:40-11:00 TTH
 LING 21000  Morphology Laura Stigliano 4:10-5:30 MW
 LING 21611  Linguistic Ethnographies Susan Gal 11:20-12:40 TTH
 LING 23920  Language of Deception and Humor Jason Riggle 9:40-11:00 TTH
 LING 27010  Psycholinguistics Eszter Rónai 1:00-2:20 TTH
 LING 28610  Computational Linguistics I Allyson Ettinger 11:20-12:40 TTH
 LING 23650/33650  Race, Ethnicity, and Language Sharese King 1:00-2:20 TTH
 LING 30101  Phonological Analysis I Alan Yu 1:00-2:20 TTH
 LING 30201  Syntax I Erik Zyman 4:10-5:30 MW
 LING 30401  Psycholinguistics Ming Xiang 9:40-11:00


 LING 31100  Language in Culture I Costas Nakassis TBD WF
 LING 40301  Field Methods I Natalia Bermúdez 2:40-4:00 TTH
 LING 46000  Seminar: Syntax (Agreement) Andrew Murphy 11:20-12:40 TTH
 LING 47850  Placement Seminar Sharese King 2:40-5:40 T
 LING 47900  Research Seminar Karlos Arregi 10:20-12:20 W
 LING 48000  Linguistics Pedagogy Amy Dahlstrom 4:20-5:40 TH
 LING 52410  Seminar in Phonology & Morphology: Multiple Verb Predicates Diane Brentari 9:10-12:20 M
 ASLG 10100  American Sign Language I David Reinhart 11:30-12:20 MWF
 ASLG 10100  American Sign Language I David Reinhart 12:40-1:30 MWF
 ASLG 10400  Intermediate ASL I David Reinhart 1:00-2:20 TTH
 MOGK 10100  Elementary Modern Greek I Stefanos Katsikas 5:20-6:10 MWF
 MOGK 20100  Intermediate Modern Greek I Stefanos Katsikas 1:50-2:40 MWF
 SWAH 25200  Swahili I Fidèle Mpiranya 11:20-12:40 TTH


Winter Quarter 2021

 LING 20001  Introduction to Linguistics Patrick Muñoz 1:50-3:10 MW In-Person
 LING 20101  Introduction to Phonetics & Phonology Jason Riggle 1:50-3:10 MW Remote
 LING 20102  Elementary Logic Michael Kremer 1:00-2:20 TTH Remote
 LING 20201  Introduction to Syntax Amy Dahlstrom 9:40-11:00 TTH Remote
 LING 26030  American Deaf Community: Language, Culture, and Society Diane Brentari 10:20-12:20 MW Remote
 LING 26540  Language and Technology Tran Truong 4:10-5:30 MW In-Person
LING 21300/31300 Historical Linguistics Alan Yu 1:00-2:20 TTH Remote
 LING 21720/31720  Sociophonetics Jacob Phillips 9:40-11:00 TTH Remote
 LING 23750/33750  Language and Violence Itamar Francez 9:10-12:20 W Remote
 LING 23850/33850  Sociolinguistic Typology Jessica Kantarovich 4:20-5:40 TTH In-Person
LING 24015/34015 Vagueness Virginia Schultheis 11:20-12:40 TTH Remote
 LING 28355/38355  Linguistic Introduction to Swahili - I Fidèle Mpiranya 2:40-4:00 TTH Remote
 LING 30202 Syntactic Analysis II Andrew Murphy 12:40-2:40 MW Remote
 LING 30301  Semantics and Pragmatics I Itamar Francez 1:00-2:20 TTH Remote
 LING 31200  Language in Culture II Susan Gal 1:00-2:20 TTH Remote
 LING 38620  Computational Linguistics II Allyson Ettinger 2:40-4:00 TTH Remote
 LING 40302  Field Methods II Natalia Bermúdez 11:20-12:40 TTH Remote
 LING 40310  Experimental Methods  Monica Do 4:20-5:40 TTH Remote
 LING 46000  Seminar: Syntax Erik Zyman 3:00-5:50 (6:10) W Remote
 LING 47900  Research Seminar Karlos Arregi 1:50-3:50 M Remote
 LING 48000  Linguistics Pedagogy Amy Dahlstrom 4:20-5:40 TH Remote
 LING 50520  Seminar: Cue Integration in Language Processing Ming Xiang/Alan Yu 10:20-1:30 W Remote
 ASLG 10200  American Sign Language II David Reinhart 11:30-12:20 MWF Remote
 ASLG 10200  American Sign Language II David Reinhart 12:40-1:30 MWF Remote
 ASLG 10500  Intermediate ASL II David Reinhart 1:00-2:20 TTH Remote
 MOGK 10200/32000  Elementary Modern Greek II Stefanos Katsikas 3:00-3:50 MWF Remote
 MOGK 20200  Intermediate Modern Greek II Stefanos Katsikas 1:50-2:40 MWF Remote
 SWAH 25300/35300  Elementary Swahili II Fidèle Mpiranya 11:20-12:40 TTH Remote


Spring Quarter 2021

 LING 20001  Introduction to Linguistics Jessica Kantarovich 2:40-4:00 TTH
 LING 20202  Advanced Syntax Erik Zyman 2:40-5:40 T
 LING 20301  Introduction to Semantics and Pragmatics Patrick Muñoz 11:20-12:40 TTH
 LING 20301  Introduction to Semantics and Pragmatics Yenan Sun 11:20-12:40 TTH
 LING 26020  Truth Chris Kennedy 4:10-5:30 MW
 LING 27010  Psycholinguistics Jason Riggle 1:00-2:20 TTH
 LING 28750  Undergraduate Field Methods Jessica Kantarovich 4:10-5:30 MW
 LING 20400/30400  Iconicity/Sound Symbolism Tulio Bermúdez 11:20-12:40 TTH
 LING 26002/36002  Language in Society Sharese King 1:50-3:10 MW
 LING 26310/36310  Contact Linguistics Lenore Grenoble 11:20-12:40 TTH
 LING 27300/37300  Discourse Analysis Amy Dahlstrom 9:40-11:00 TTH
 LING 28356/38356  Linguistic Introduction to Swahili II Fidèle Mpiranya 6:00-7:20 TTH
 LING 28370/38370  African Languages Fidèle Mpiranya 2:40-4:00 TTH
 LING 31000  Morphology Karlos Arregi 4:10-5:30 MW
 LING 30302  Semantics and Pragmatics II Chris Kennedy 1:50-3:10 MW
 LING 38951  The Development of Communicative Competence Marisa Tice 3:30-4:50 TTH
 LING 42100 Seminar: Semantics: Alternative-sensitive particles cross-linguistically  Itamar Francez 9:40-11:00 TTH
 LING 46000  Seminar: Syntax  Myriam Uribe-Etxebarria 9:10-12:20 M
 LING 47800  Linguistics Pedagogy Amy Dahlstrom 4:20-5:40 TH
LING 56010  Topics in Sociolinguistics: On Place Identity Sharese King 1:00-4:00 TH
 LING 58600  Seminar in Computational Linguistics Allyson Ettinger 9:10-12:20 W
 ASLG 10300  American Sign Language III David Reinhart 11:30-12:20 MWF
 ASLG 10300  American Sign Language III David Reinhart 12:40-1:30 MWF
 ASLG 10600  Intermediate ASL III David Reinhart 1:00-2:20 TTH
 MOGK 10300/30300  Elementary Modern Greek III Stefanos Katsikas 4:10-5:00 MWF
 MOGK 21001  Greece and the Balkans in the Age of Nationalism Stefanos Katsikas 1:10-2:40 MWF
 SWAH 25400/35400  Elementary Swahili III Fidèle Mpiranya 11:20-12:40 TTH