Akshay Aitha

Cohort Year: 2019
Research Interests: Telugu, Morphosyntax, Diaspora studies

Hello! I'm Akshay (he/him/his), a fifth-year in the linguistics department. My interests mainly surround the Telugu language and its users, from a variety of different theoretical approaches. I have worked on Telugu morphology, syntax, and semantics from a formal perspective, with special focuses on case, agreement, control, and syncretisms. More recently, I have also conducted ethnographic research in my home community, the Telugu diaspora of the San Francisco Bay Area, focusing on the second generation of the diaspora and the role of Telugu in their negotiation of racial identity and categorization in the United States. My dissertation, a return to formal methodologies, will focus on Telugu nominal syntax, with the goal of building a careful description of the Telugu nominal spine which can inform debates about parallelism (or lack thereof) between the nominal and clausal domains of syntactic form. More information about my past and current work can be found at my personal website - and feel free to shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions or would like to chat