Anna-Marie Sprenger

Cohort Year: 2019
Advisor(s): Susan Gal, Sharese King
Research Interests: sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, semiotics, Romania, place

Hello! I'm a 5th year PhD student in linguistics. I'm largely interested in the relationships between language, identity, and social change — particularly how they play out at the phonetic level. For my dissertation, Talking Place, Sounding Space: Language and Placemaking in Iași, Romania, I am conducting 9 months of ethnographic fieldwork in Eastern Romania, where I use quantitative sociolinguistic and experimental methods in tandem with participant observation to understand how the geopolitical tensions in the region are instantiated in the language and identities of locals. Outside of this, I am involved with the Chicagoland Language Project, led by Sharese King. My other linguistic interests include political speech, the linguistics of parody and other performance registers, gender, and sociopragmatics. I earned my B.A. in linguistics from Stanford University in 2019. When I’m not being a linguist, I’m often writing poetry, dancing, and looking at Etruscan pottery.