Adam Singerman Receives the Mary R. Haas Award!

Adam Singerman was presented the Mary R. Haas Award at the Linguistic Society of America Annual Meeting in New Orleans, which took place January 2-5, 2020.

The Mary R. Haas Award is presented to a junior scholar for an unpublished manuscript that makes a significant substantive contribution to our knowledge of Native American languages.


Keren Rice read the following at the presentation ceremony in New Orleans:

Thank you for your submission “The morphosyntax of Tuparí, a Tupían language of the Brazilian Amazon’ to SSILA for the Mary R. Haas Book Award. The committee was very impressed with your dissertation, finding it to set the bar high for documentation that deepens the description of the language and contributes to linguistic theory at the same time. The thesis stands out in its strong foundation in language use and natural language data, something that remains unusual in work in theoretical syntax, and this thesis shows how this can be done. There is thus an honesty to the data, as Lenore Grenoble points out in her letter of support– the commitment to theory is deeply grounded in the data. This thesis is a clear contribution to language description and to syntactic theory, bringing them together in a unique way.

The Haas Award committee is pleased to recognize this thesis as the Mary R. Haas Book Award winner for 2019. Congratulations on outstanding work – it truly exemplifies the spirit of Mary Haas.