Congratulations to Lenore Grenoble on a Mega-Grant from the Government of the Russia Federation!

Sending a hearty congratulations to Lenore Grenoble for receiving a Mega-Grant from the Government of the Russia Federation! She is winner #22 for the project Preservation of Linguistic and Cultural Diversity and Sustainable Development of the Arctic and Subarctic of the Russian Federation. More information about the 8th mega-grant competition can be found here:

As with US Federal grants, the money is awarded to the host institution, which in this case is North-Eastern Federal University in Yakutsk. They received about 1.2 million dollars for this project.

The mega-grants are a program for international cooperation of Russian universities and scientific foundations with world-class researchers  and leading foreign research and education centers in the domains of science, education, and innovation. The program was launched on 09 April 2010 with the issue of the Decree No. 220 by the Government of the Russian Federation. Their webpage can be found here:

The objective of the program is creation of laboratories in Russian educational and scientific institutions to conduct research on the cutting-edge of the development of science and technology under supervision of world-class researchers including compatriots residing abroad.


Congratulations again, Lenore!!