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Li He
Rosenwald 224 C
Visiting Associate Professor 
Rosenwald 205 G
Postdoctoral Scholar

Since 2005, I have worked on a number of different Australian languages including Jaminjung, Kriol, Matngele, and MalakMalak. My research is directed towards  sociocultural approaches to grammar and discourse that combine descriptive, documentary and anthropological elements of linguistic research with functional and typological implications for language use. I am particularly interested in complex predicates, nominal classification and spatial language and am part of Lenore Grenoble’s Language in Time and Space research group.

Mingya Liu

Visiting Scholar 
Ruth LopesVisiting Scholar 
E-Ching NgVisiting Scholar 
Yimei XiangVisiting Scholar 
Frank ZhangPostdoctoral Scholar 
Zezhi Zheng Visiting Scholar