Sanghee Kim

Student Photo
Cohort Year: 2018
Research Interests: Sentence Processing, Semantics, Morphology, Syntax

Sanghee ('Sang-Hee') is a PhD student in Linguistics. Her academic goal is to understand the computation of sentence processing and the abstract representation that allow humans to comprehend and produce language. She is particularly interested in how semantic and pragmatic meanings are encapsulated in human mind and how they are computed in real time. She earned a B.A. in English Language Education (teaching English as a second language) at Hanyang University in 2015, and an M.A. in English Linguistics (linguistics focusing on English) at Seoul National University in 2017. She holds a secondary teaching certificate granted by the Ministry of Education, South Korea. She also worked as an analytical linguist during her internship in the Artificial General Intelligence research group at Capybara Labs, Australia.