Morphology & Syntax workshop

February 3, 2023 | 12:30PM
Cobb 219

The Morphology & Syntax Workshop will be meeting for the first time this quarter on Friday, February 3rd, at 12:30pm in Cobb 219. Akshay Aitha will be presenting some of his dissertation work on Telugu nominal syntax. The title and abstract are below. 

Title: Three(-ish) Puzzles in Telugu Nominal Syntax 
The structure of the nominal phrase is understudied compared to clausal syntax across the board. For a language as generally understudied as Telugu, this means that there is almost no published work on the nominals in the language beyond datasets and description. I would like to present three separate but related puzzles about Telugu nominals - (1) the quantifier position puzzle, (2) the ellipsis and one-anaphora puzzle, and (3) the puzzle of the oblique nominal form. Not only will solutions to these puzzles shed a bright light on the internal structure of the Telugu nominal specifically, further study of the relevant phenomena may also help us understand nominal structure in human language more generally. This is very much a work-in-progress, so I highly appreciate any thoughts on further directions or additional, related phenomena to look into.