Grammar Writing workshop

May 14, 2020 | 3:30PM

This May we'll be hosting a special workshop focused on writing
grammars for understudied and endangered languages. Three
UChicago-external speakers will be joining us for the event: Professor
Irina Nikolaeva (SOAS), Professor Arienne Dwyer (Kansas), and
Professor Pattie Epps (UT Austin). Our own Alan Yu will also be
presenting as well. There will be opportunities for faculty members
and students to workshop their own fieldwork data and to receive
feedback from the invited speakers on presentational, descriptive, and
analytic issues. We are grateful for funding provided by the Center
for East European and Russian/Eurasian Studies, the Chicago Language
Center, and the Center for Latin American Studies.

The workshop will begin on Thursday, May 14th with a talk by Irina
Nikolaeva during the usual Linguistics Department colloquium time
slot. The rest of the workshop will take place during the day on
Friday, May 15th. Please save the date on your calendars!

Feel free to e-mail with any
questions you have, and be sure to check out our (still-in-progress)
website at